Paris Redox 2021 - Concluding Remarks

Paris Redox 2021, the 23rd International Conference on Oxidative Stress Reduction, Redox Homeostasis and Antioxidants - was organized online on October 13-15, 2021. This international online congress gathered many academics representing 35 countries.

Paris Redox 2021 covered the following strategic topics:

  • Redox 2021: Recent Advances & Perspective
  • Brain, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Redox
  • Gut, Microbiome and Redox: Focus on Covid-19 Infections
  • Ageing & Telomeres 2021: Advances and Perspective
  • Redox Medicine: Innovations & Clinical Studies

President of ISANH: Prof. Harry Van Goor:

The meeting was a success despite the fact that it was online. We had a thorough plenary discussion at the end of the meeting, which was attended by many speakers and attendants. The scientific committee delivered 3 scientific awards. The organization has set the date for the next meeting at June 23-24, 2022. We hope to see you in Paris by then.

Scientific awards of Paris Redox 2021:

Paris-Redox-2021-Speaker CIGLIANO LUISA-v1Impact of Dietary Fructose on Brain Mitochondria and Oxidative Stress
Luisa Cigliano, University of Naples Federico II, Italy
 Redox-2021-Key-dates NedimeNew Methods to Evaluate Telomeres
Nedime Serakinci
, Special Health Adviser, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Presidency, Turkey
 pnj Akhilesh B Reddy, University of Pennsylvania, USA


To know more about the Scientific Awards of 2021 here


Paris Redox 2021 Congress
October 13-15, 2021 - Interactive Online

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