Redox Signaling at the Crossroads of Human Health & Disease

Redox signaling at the crossroads of human health and disease

Exogenous and endogenous factor-induced ROS mediate COPD pathogenesis

Redox biology is at the core of life sciences, accompanied by the close correlation of redox processes with biological activities. Redox homeostasis is a prerequisite for human health, in which the physiological levels of nonradical reactive oxygen species (ROS) function as the primary second messengers to modulate physiological redox signaling by orchestrating multiple redox sensors. However, excessive ROS accumulation, termed oxidative stress (OS), leads to biomolecule damage and subsequent occurrence of various diseases such as type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, and cancer.

Zuo et al., starting with the evolution of redox biology, revealed the roles of ROS as multifaceted physiological modulators to mediate redox signaling and sustain redox homeostasis. They also emphasized the detailed OS mechanisms involved in the initiation and development of several important diseases.

ROS as a double-edged sword in disease progression suggests two different therapeutic strategies to treat redox-relevant diseases, in which targeting ROS sources and redox-related effectors to manipulate redox homeostasis will largely promote precision medicine. In summary, redox homeostasis is essential for human health, whose imbalance involves nearly all major diseases. Redox regulation as a promising treatment avenue has achieved some success, but the limited efficacy often observed requires the intrinsic mechanisms involved to be further investigated.

With new emerging technological advancements in associated fields, redox regulation will play a more important role in disease management and advancing precision redox medicine. Therefore, a comprehensive understanding of the redox signaling networks under physiological and pathological conditions will facilitate the development of redox medicine and benefit patients with redox-relevant diseases.

#RedoxMedicine2023 will highlight the major role of redox in health and disease, and introduce the potential and importance of redox medicine. Submit a related abstract.

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Image Credits: Zuo et al. MedComm (2022)

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