Scientific Awards of Paris Redox 2021



At the end of Paris Redox 2021 Congress, the Scientific Committee discerned 3 Scientific Awards to our speakers:


Scientific Award #1:


Impact of Dietary Fructose on Brain Mitochondria and Oxidative Stress

Prof. Luisa Cigliano, Associate Professor at the Dept of Biology, University of Naples Federico II, gave a presentation about the "Impact of Dietary Fructose on Brain Mitochondria and Oxidative Stress". 

Her research is focused on the effect of unbalanced diets, especially those rich in sugars and/or fats on key mechanisms for brain function (cell survival pathways, mitochondrial function and redox homeostasis, synaptic integrity, insulin signaling, gut-brain axis). A further research interest is related to the molecular mechanisms that influence brain cholesterol homeostasis. Particular attention is focused on key players that impact brain cholesterol trafficking such as Apolipoproteins E or neurotrophins (i.e. BDNF), whose levels changes in different physiological or pathological conditions.

Prof. Cigliano’s talk at Paris Redox 2021 was dedicated to the impact of fructose on brain metabolism, oxidative stress and mitochondrial function, particularly in juvenile age. Indeed, overconsumption of added sugars, especially fructose sweetened beverages and processed food, is very common among young populations, that are in a critical phase for brain development.

Prof. Cigliano discussed the brain alterations resulting from fructose consumption and their rescue or persistence after the sugar removal from the diet. The results highlight the risk arising from the increasing sugar consumption that must be strongly discouraged, especially in the youth, to prevent not only early brain dysfunction, but also persisting damage in the long term.



 Scientific Award #2:


Paris-Redox-2021-Award Nedime SerakiniciProf. Nedime Serakinci presented the New Methods to Evaluate Telomeres. 

Her research forcused on telomere-telomerase biology, cancer and stem cell biology in connec tion with aging.

Her research expertise is in telomerase-immortalized mesenchymal stem cells and their use in gene therapy and development of tissue models for drug discovery. Prof. Dr Serakıncı’s research program is focused on the molecular, cellular and developmental biology of the adult mesenchymal stem cell and aging diseases. The principle aim of the program is to develop strategic and technical approaches necessary to acquire an understanding of the mechanisms underlying stem cell self-renewal and differentiation processes. Ultimately the objective is to provide rational scientific foundations for the application of cell and gene-based therapies to the treatment of human disease and injury.

She has established two class II laboratories and 4 fully equipped genetic diagnosis and genetic research laboratories.


 Scientific Award #3:



 During the session about Ageing & Telomeres, Dr. Akhilesh Reddy presented "Redox Clockworks: The Importance of Time".  

His studies confirm that redox processes appear to be integral to the proper function of molecular circadian clocks in both nucleated non-nucleated cells. 




Paris Redox 2021 Congress
October 13-15, 2021 - Interactive Online

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