Keynote Speaker: Prof. Bruce Freeman will introduce Redox Medicine 2024

Bruce FreemanIt is a great pleasure to announce that Prof. Bruce A. Freeman, Irwin Fridovich Distinguished Professor and Chair at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Department of Pharmacology & Chemical Biology, will introduce Redox Medicine 2024 with a key note talk titled "Small Molecule Electrophiles: Lessons from a Journey through Studying the Redox Chemistry of Nitrogen Oxides to Drug Development”.

Professor Freeman will discuss the generation and actions of nitrogen oxide-derived fatty acid nitroalkenes in the context of their cell signaling actions, physiological responses and potential therapeutic effects as synthetic drug candidates.

Contributions of Professor Bruce A. Freeman to Redox Biology

The research conducted by Professor Bruce. Freeman focuses on the study of oxidizing and free radical inflammatory mediators, including superoxide, hydrogen peroxide, nitric oxide (NO), and peroxynitrite, in the context of cellular signaling and disease mechanisms.

Professor Freeman's laboratory has identified important roles for reactive oxygen and nitrogen species in cellular signaling and disease processes. Initial research established the cellular sources of superoxide and hydrogen peroxide. Subsequent work revealed that NO interacts with superoxide to produce reactive nitrogen species, expanding the known functions of NO in cellular signaling beyond the activation of guanylate cyclase.

Additionally, Freeman's research into peroxynitrite, generated by the reaction of NO with superoxide, has highlighted its role in cellular dysfunction and disease. The laboratory's findings on the actions and targets of peroxynitrite have provided insights into the mechanisms of disease previously attributed to its precursor molecules.

Professor Freeman's research has contributed significantly to the understanding of redox biology, particularly in terms of the roles of reactive species in cellular signaling and disease. These contributions have implications for developing therapeutic strategies for diseases related to oxidative stress and inflammation.

Join us at Redox Medicine 2024 this June in Paris and connect with Prof. Freeman!

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