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Advanced Redox and Protein Profiling of Failing Human Hearts Using Mass Spectrometry 20 May 2024
Everyday Medications that Prolong Human Life Span 18 March 2024
Nanozymes: Revolutionizing Biomedical Therapies through Redox Regulation 04 March 2024
Oxidative Stress: A Key Player in Recurrent Aphthous Stomatitis 26 February 2024
Innovative Approach to Combat Neurodegenerative Diseases Using Protein-Like Polymers to Enhance Antioxidant Response 21 February 2024
Study Reveals Impact of Donor Age Differences on Renal Transplantation Outcomes 19 February 2024
Gastrointestinal redox homeostasis in ageing 12 February 2024
How Sensory Neuron Disturbances Shape Transient Pain into Chronic Pain 12 January 2024
How Mitochondria Shape Our Immune Defense: Road to Redox Medicine 02 January 2024
Epigenetic modulators link mitochondrial redox homeostasis to cardiac function 29 November 2023
Novel method facilitates study of oxidized lipids involved in neurodegenerative diseases 29 November 2023
Antioxidants Stimulate Blood Flow in Tumors 04 September 2023
Aging and Lifespan Extension: Insights into Fundamental Molecular Mechanisms 29 August 2023
Hallmarks of Aging: An Expanding Universe 07 July 2023
Newfound Link Between Alzheimer’s and Iron Could Lead to New Medical Interventions 15 May 2023
The Skin Redoxome 11 May 2023
Study reveals potential target for precision colorectal cancer treatment 08 May 2023
Redox Signaling at the Crossroads of Human Health & Disease 13 April 2023
N-acetylcysteine Helps Combat Resistance in Breast Cancer 11 April 2023
Global Thiol Proteome Analysis: A Novel Insights into the Macrophage Inflammatory Response and Its Regulation 20 March 2023
Effect of UV-A Exposure on Macrophages Previously Challenged with LPS in Terms of Oxidative Distress 10 March 2023
A Neutrophil-Biomimic Platform that Eradicates Metastatic Breast Cancer Stem-like Cells by Redox Modulation 08 March 2023
Redox-Dependent Modulation of Human Liver Progenitor Cell Line Fate 06 March 2023
New Details on a Form of Cell Death Discovered at Columbia 13 February 2023
10 Years on Ferroptosis Discovery: Potential in Disease Treatment 08 February 2023
Research challenges “sugar hypothesis” of diabetic cataract development 30 January 2023
Embedding iron oxide into liposome bilayer to trigger ferroptosis 30 January 2023
Copper a clue in the fight against cancer 27 January 2023
Redox Imaging: A Promising Method for Monitoring Cancer Treatment Response 25 January 2023
Redox Nanomedicine: Towards Ameliorating Chronic Kidney Disease 25 January 2023

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