Paris Redox 2019 Speakers


Prof. Pedro Buc Calderon will introduce Paris Redox 2019 : Today & TomorrowRedox 2019 : Today & Tomorrow
Pedro Buc Calderon, University of Louvain, Belgium
Thomas Michel Harvard Medical SchoolChemogenetic approaches to dissect redox stress pathways in the cardiovascular system
Thomas Michel, Harvard Medical School, USA
Rheinallt-M.-Jones Paris Redox 2019Commensal microbiota induced redox signaling activates proliferative signals in the intestinal stem cell microenvironment
Rheinallt M. Jones, Emory University School of Medicine, USA
Carsten-Culmsee-Paris-Redox-2019 updatedMetabolic switches saving mitochondria from oxidative stress
Carsten Culmsee,
Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany
Carole Peyssonnaux Paris Redox 2019
Hypoxia and iron homeostasis: Recent Advances and perspective
Carole Peyssonnaux, INSERM, Université Paris Descartes, France
kenneth olson paris redox 2018Reactive Sulfide Species: An emerging paradigm in Redox Biology
Kenneth R. Olson, Emeritus Professor of Physiology at Indiana University School of Medicine - South Bend, USA
Richard-Frye-Paris-Redox-2019 Redox and Other Metabolic Disorders Associated with Autism
Richard Frye, Phoenix Children's Hospital, USA
Jamila Faivre Paris Redox 2019 upd
Redox and Microbiota: Effects of Antioxidants
Jamila Faivre, INSERM, Paul-Brousse University Hospital, France

Prof.-Paul-Henri-Romeo-Redox-2019Introduction on the Signaling Pathway & Redox
Paul-Henri Romeo, University of Paris Diderot, France

Mattea-Finelli-Paris-redox-2019Recent advances on the neuroprotective role of the novel TLDC proteins against oxidative stress
Mattéa Finelli, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

yamamoto-PARIS-REDOX-2019KEAP1-NRF2 Antioxidative stress response system
Masayuki Yamamoto, Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine, Japan

LaurentChatre-PARIS-REDOX-2019-v1Dynamic Relationship between the reactive species interactome and bioenergetic metabolism in Brain
Laurent Chatre, CNRS, University of Caen-Normandie, France

Andrew-Bahn-Paris-Redox-2019Uric acid, a major energy regulator of the cell turning into a killer of pancreatic beta-cells
Andrew Bahn, University of Otago, New Zealand

josef dulak-Paris-Redox-2019Nrf2 in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Jozef Dulak, Jagiellonian University, Poland

Sebastian-Doll-Paris-Redox-2019Ferroptosis, a cell death modality caused by lipid peroxidation
Sebastian Doll, Helmholtz Zentrum Münche, Germany

Dennis-Bourdette-Paris-Redox-2019Lipoic acid for treating multiple sclerosis
Dennis Bourdette, Oregon Health & Science University, USA
Prof. Christopher WilcoxDifferent roles of specific ROS in regulation of myogenic contractions in microarterioles
Christopher Wilcox, Georgetown University, USA
Samira Galijasevic -Redox-Speaker-2019 Myeloperoxidase, oxidative stress, and diseases: Can we stop it ?
Semira Galijasevic, Sarajevo Medical School, Bosnia
Chantal-Houee-Paris-Redox-2019Phagocyte NADPH oxidase, oxidative stress, and lipids: anti or pro ageing
Chantal Houée, Université Paris Sud, France
 GONZALEZ-Patrick-Paris-Redox-2019-CongressOxidative stress and inflammation in liver diseases: state of the issue and promising leads
Patrick Gonzalez from Inserm, Paul-Brousse University Hospital, France

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