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Paris Redox 2016 World Congress was a huge success

During this conference, several awards were discerned:

Kenneth Olson Award Paris Redox 2016 

Scientific Contribution:

Pr Kenneth Olson, from the Indiana University School of Medicine, USA was awarded for his scientific contribution in the field of antioxidants and about the question: Are Reactive Oxygen Species actually reactive sulfide species?

Pr Olson opened a new challenge and vision to ISANH committee and attendees, he attracted the attention to new axe for all of who work in the Redox field.

The RSH and their subtlety will be a new topic for Redox 2017. 

 Patrice Thierry Award Paris Redox 2016

Scientific Contribution:

Pr Thierry Patrice, from the CHU of Nantes, France was awarded for his scientific contribution on the field of Secondary reactive oxygen species production in sera of patients with resectable non-squamous cell lung cancers.

Pr Patrice had been graduated professor at the University of Nantes at 32. He is internationally known for its research concerning the influence of light and oxygen in oncology. He patented and licensed a test using a photoreaction aimed at measuring resistance to oxidative stress during various diseases and aging. Results obtained find applications during cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, oncology and also in mechanistic of species evolution.  

Navar Viscarra

Scientific Achievements:

Dr Sirelda Nivar Niscarra, MD, PhD, Mexico, was awarded for all her studies and scientific achievements about the polymorphism of SOD.

 Bentov Matrosova Award Paris Redox 2016

Short Oral & Poster Presentations:

Dr Haim Yaakov Bentov, from the University of Toronto received the Short Oral Presentation award for his talk about the effects of Metformin on mitochondrial function in granulose-cumulus cells.

Dr Vera Matrosova, from the USUHS University of Health Sciences, USA was awarded for her poster presentation related to Deinococcus antioxidants are extremely radioprotective of cultured human cells.



To access to the final program of Paris Redox 2016, please click here.
You can find here some pictures of this three-days congress.

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