Raphaël Rodriguez won the Redox Medicine 2023 Best Scientific Achievement for his latest scientific discovery

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Redox Meidicine 2023 Best Scientific Achievement Award

Raphael Rodriguez, Institut Curie, France

"Targeting Mitochondrial Copper: Therapeutic Strategies"

The Redox Medicine 2023 Best Scientific Achievemet award was discerned to Dr. Raphaël Rodriguez for his new breakthrough discovery uncovering a previously unknown chain of biochemical reactions that involves copper and leads to metabolic and epigenetic alterations that activate inflammation and tumorigenesis. Also for developing a “drug prototype” capable of mitigating both the mechanisms of inflammation and the processes potentially involved in metastatic spread. 

Rafael Rodriguez  updated

Dr. Rodriguez shared with the Redox Medicine Society:

"Our laboratory studies the molecular basis of cell plasticity, the biological mechanism by which cells can adopt distinct phenotypes independently of genetic alterations. Cell state transitions are involved during normal development, wound healing, immune responses and cancer progression. While the acquisition of distinct cell states requires the activation of distinct transcriptional programs, it is now well-established that such programs are regulated upstream and necessitate chemical changes occurring at the plasma membrane, signalling, metabolism and epigenetic programming.

We have discovered the central role of metals (i.e. iron, copper) as rate-limiting regulators of cell plasticity and developed new drug-like small molecules suitable for therapeutic intervention. Future endeavours will be focused on deciphering the fine molecular details of these membrane-to-lysosomes-to-mitochondria-to-nucleus signalling events and develop next-generation therapeutics in the context of inflammation and cancer."

 In case you missed Dr. Rodriguez's award winning talk, Redox Medicine 2023 recording are available on demand. Learn more.

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