Metastatic reprogramming of cancer cells by antioxidants: strategic topic of Paris Redox 2017

clotilde wiel paris redox 2017Antioxidants, by neutralizing ROS and ROS-induced DNA damages, are thought to protect against cancer. However, clinical studies and a study published by Pr Bergö's team do not support this hypothesis, and showed that antioxidants increase lung cancer progression. Moreover, this study also described that antioxidants can increase metastasis in a model of malignant melanoma. These studies raised new questions. Among them, the team asked whether antioxidants were able to induce metastasis from benign lung tumors.

Dr Clotilde Wiel from the University of Gotenburg, Sweden is working with Pr Martin Bergö, the main investigator of the mentioned publication. Dr Wiel will give a major presentation during Paris Redox 2017 to present these findings which will contribute to better understanding the mechanisms underlying antioxidants pro-metastatic effects that they and other observed in different models of cancer.

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