Oxidative stress related medical histories of patients with intracranial aneurisms

Pr PatriceOxidative Stress (OS) had been suggested to be involved in the occurrence of intracranial aneurisms (ICAs) and their disruption (sub arachnoidal hemorrhage, SAH). As the “classical” clinical profile is a 55 years old woman with a lack of significant history besides risks factors tobacco, dyslipidemias, diabetes mellitus, Pr Thierry Patrice and his team considered in addition in a series of 175 patients with ICAs disrupted or not, all pathologies likely to have induced in the past a severe oxidative stress in patients. Frequencies had been compared to the respective French population prevalence (FPP).

The results of this study will be presented during Paris Redox World Congress by Pr Thierry Patrice from the CHU de Nantes, France.

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