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Note of the New President: Dr. Carole Nicco

Redox Medicine Society logo 2It gives me great pleasure to announce that I am the new President of the Redox Medicine Society.

Why a change to the Redox Medicine Society?

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the International Society of Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health, ISANH, the founder and the scientific committee decided to change ISANH into the Redox Medicine Society.

Redox Medicine Society: Time for transformation

ISANH was established 25 years ago to discuss research on free radicals and their implications in various human pathologies. During the Paris Redox 2022 Conference, the Scientific Committee discussed how to transform ISANH, how to face new challenges and how to redesign the strategies as it is now time to update its aims and targets.

Today, the Redox Medicine field's importance is further increasing as accumulating evidence shows that redox biomarkers and redox medicine approaches may be applied in therapeutic and preventive medicine to counteract the damage done by free radicals and reactive oxygen and nitrogen species.

Extensive research has transformed the understanding that oxidative stress is associated with all major diseases. With new knowledge in redox biochemistry, translational strategies could lead to new innovative diagnostic and preventive tools as well as therapeutic approaches in life sciences and medicine.

Our efforts aim to facilitate the translation of basic knowledge of redox biology into molecular medicine and to discover innovative new approaches to prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

After 25 years, it is time to innovate and reinvent. The International Society for Antioxidants in Nutrition and Health becomes the Redox Medicine Society. The central mission of RMS is to bring together and connect actors with advanced knowledge of redox processes, to improve human health and support the next generation of redox researchers.

25th Annual Conference on Redox Medicine 2023

The International Conference on Redox Medicine 2023, to be held June 21-23, will be organized to bring together academic and industry experts in redox to discuss advances and recent innovation in this vast field. We will highlight recent clinical applications of antioxidants in health and disease. We will spend more time covering all the devices and methods for the assessment of oxidative stress.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) have been studied for decades, but the results remain controversial. ROS are beneficial to biological mechanisms, yet they also have harmful effects such as causing tissue and organ damage. The work and results presented at the Redox Medicine Congress will give us the opportunity to view ROS from a different dimension that may explain the conflicting results or provide a broader perspective. The exchange of ideas will help us to think differently about the neglected features and potentials of ROS, to relate medicine to redox balance, and to explore the mechanisms described in other disciplines.

In an era of increasing health challenges, it is imperative that we seriously consider the innovative alternatives offered by organic and inorganic redox-active compounds. It has significantly diversified the field of redox medicine, paving the way for visionary approaches to the development of biotechnology and healthcare. The translation of many disciplines in which the fields of redox biology and free radical research have brought important scientific advances to society, the clinic, and industry will help strengthen our field.

One of our main goals is to also connect redox drugs with other key players: mitochondrial and microbiotal medicine.

I am delighted to be the President of the Society of Redox Medicine to bring you the 2023 Paris International Conference on Redox Medicine with the latest advances in this field, to help each of us establish strong interactions and strengthen our underlying technology and knowledge sharing networks in basic and clinical redox research and medicine.

We look forward to meeting you during our 25th anniversary this June.

All our best regards,

Redox Medicine Society PresidentDr. Carole Nicco,
President of Redox Medicine Society 







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