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Redox Medicine 2023 Sessions

Session 1: Redox Medicine & Oxidative Stress – Where are we now?

  • Cellular redox status and homeostasis: Impact and Mechanism
  • Reactive oxygen species, Reactive nitrogen species, and Reactive sulfur species interactome: Update and progress
  • Inflammation : Central role in the redox signaling pathway
  • Redox-Mitochondria-Microbiota : Cross-talk 

Session 2: Evaluation of Redox & Oxidative Stress: An Update & Perspective

  • New methods and protocols for in vitro, in vivo and humans
  • Focus on Non-invasive devices

Session 3: Redox Medicine & Diseases: Mechanism of Action & Strategies

  • Ocular disorders
  • Skin pathologies
  • Male and female reproductive tract
  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Neurodegenerative diseases

Session 4: Redox Medicine & Cancer: Where we stand and where are we heading?

  • Redox medicine strategies in cancerology
  • Redox balance therapies in cancer
  • Redox medicine & immunotherapy

Session 5: Redox Medicine, Ageing & Longevity: Where is the target?

  • Redox signaling pathway and aging
  • Impact of redox on genetic, epigenetic, and telomeres

Session 6: Redox Medicine & Innovations

  • Next generation redox molecules and drugs
  • Exosomes-Based Redox Medicine
  • Redox Medicine, Radiation & Irradiation
  • Plasma & Wound healing
  • Biosensors & redox: the revolution in many applications
  • Space Tourism: The adequate antioxidants for space travel

Redox Medicine 2023 Discussion:

  • New generation of Antioxidants: Quality and Applications

Abstracts on any of the above sessions are welcome. Awards will be discerned to the: Best Scientific Contribution/ Best Short Oral Presentation/ Best Poster Presentation.


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