New Redox Targets in Cardioprotection


News Release, International Society of Antioxidants, France – March 23, 2022

Global epidemiological studies reported a shift from maternal/infectious communicable diseases to chronic non-communicable diseases and a major part is attributable to atherosclerosis and metabolic disorders. Accordingly, ischemic heart disease was identified as a leading risk factor for global mortality and morbidity with a prevalence of 128 million people.

Almost 9 million premature deaths can be attributed to ischemic heart disease and subsequent acute myocardial infarction and heart failure, also representing a substantial socioeconomic burden.

As evidenced by typical oxidative stress markers such as lipid peroxidation products or oxidized DNA/RNA bases, the formation of reactive oxygen species by various sources (NADPH oxidases, xanthine oxidase and mitochondrial resperatory chain) plays a central role for the severity of ischemia/reperfusion damage.

The underlying mechanisms comprise direct oxidative damage but also adverse redox-regulation of kinase and calcium signaling, inflammation and cardiac remodeling among others.

This research discusses:

  • These processes and the role of reactive oxygen species
  • The potential targets for redox-based therapies that are either already established in the clinics (e.g. guanylyl cyclase activators and stimulators) or at least successfully tested in preclinical models of myocardial infarction and heart failure (mitochondria-targeted antioxidants)

However, reactive oxygen species have not only detrimental effects but are also involved in essential cellular signaling and may even act protective as seen by ischemic pre- and post-conditioning or eustress - which makes redox therapy quite challenging.

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More interesting topics will be introduced in Paris Redox 2022 this June.

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