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The Redox Biology of Exercise: Redox-related Biomarkers

Redox-related biomarkers in physical exercise

Categories of redox biomarkers in exercise research.

News Release, International Society of Antioxidants, France – March 18, 2022

The redox biology of exercise has been studied extensively throughout the years. Since the seminal study of George Pake's group calculating the content of free radicals in skeletal muscle in resting conditions in 1954, many discoveries have been made in the field.

This review by Cabrera et al. highlights the main research findings and fundamental changes in the exercise redox biology discipline. It covers the following:

  1. The 1st steps in free radical research
  2. The relation between exercise and oxidative damage
  3. The redox regulation of muscle fatigue
  4. The sources of free radicals during muscle contractions
  5. The role of reactive oxygen species as regulators of gene transcription and adaptations in skeletal muscle

In the second part of their paper, the authors also review the available biomarkers for assessing health, performance, recovery during exercise training and overtraining in the sport population. They focus on the 4 categories of redox biomarkers: oxidants, antioxidants, oxidation products, and measurements of the redox balance (markers of oxidative stress). The main drawbacks, strengths, weaknesses, and methodological considerations of every biomarker are also discussed.

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