Targeting Mitochondrial Copper: Therapeutic Strategies

Raphaël Rodriguez 2Dr. Raphael Rodriguez will talk about his outstanding findings during Redox Medicine 2023.

In his breakthrough discovery, he uncovered a previously unknown chain of biochemical reactions that involves copper and leads to metabolic and epigenetic alterations that activate inflammation and tumorigenesis. Dr. Rodriguez and his colleagues, also developed a “drug prototype” capable of mitigating both the mechanisms of inflammation and the processes potentially involved in metastatic spread. 

Dr. Raphael Rodriguez, Institut Curie, France, will present a specialized talk "Targeting Mitochondrial Copper: Therapeutic Strategies" during Redox Medicine 2023 this June to explain all about his insightful reserach and results.

Join Redox Medicine 2023 to learn more about this talk. Dr. Rodriguez's latest publication.

Redox Medicine 2023 Congress
June 21-23, 2023 - Paris, France
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