Precision Redox: The Key for Antioxidant Pharmacology

Chang ChenProf. Chang Chen, Institute of Biophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, will join Redox Medicine 2023 this June to present about Precision Redox: The Key for Antioxidant Pharmacology. 

Prof. Chen will discuss the “5R” principle of precision redox in antioxidant pharmacology: “Right species, Right place, Right time, Right level, and Right target.”

For Prof. Chen, the redox status must be considered in the context of species, time, place, level, and target. The function of a biomacromolecule and its cellular signaling role are closely dependent on redox status. Accurate evaluation of redox status and specific interventions are critical for the success of redox treatments. Precision redox is the key for antioxidant pharmacology. The precise application of antioxidants as nutritional supplements is also key to the general health of the population.

More information about her latest studies.

Join Redox Medicine 2023 to learn more about Prof. Chen's interesting talk. You can submit a related abstract here.

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