Redox Homeostasis and Sarcopenia: Targeting Mitochondria

Francisco BellantiProf. Francesco Bellanti, University of Foggia, Italy will present a talk entitled "Redox Homeostasis and Sarcopenia: Targeting Mitochondria" during Redox Medicine 2023 this June.

Defined by the age-related loss of skeletal muscle quality, sarcopenia is dependent on mitochondrial homeostasis and redox balance. Redox impairment occurs during aging, and altered oxidative reactions are mostly caused by injury of several mitochondrial features such as bioenergetics, biogenesis, dynamics, and selective autophagy (mitophagy).

Redox imbalance and mitochondrial dysfunction affect protein homeostasis, resulting in deficient muscle mass and function. Thus, mitochondria are indicated as potential targets to prevent and treat this age-related condition. Promising mitochondria-targeted drug delivery systems, including compounds that enhance bioenergetics, scavenge reactive species, prevent apoptosis, and target mitophagy are promising in preclinical investigations, but their use needs to be tested in clinical trials.

There is a fascinating need to better understand the redox pathways modulating mitochondrial homeostasis and to characterize molecules that target skeletal muscle mitochondria to counteract sarcopenia in aging.

Join Redox Medicine 2023 to learn more about Prof. Bellanti's interesting talk. You can submit a related abstract here.

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